• General FAQs - Services, Features, Security and Requirements
  • Login FAQs - Logging-in and Passwords
  • Account Inquiry FAQs - Transactions and Account Information
  • Fund Transfer FAQs - Recipients and Eligible Accounts
  • BusinessLine FAQs - About your BusinessLine loan

  • General FAQ’s

    What is UnionBank Business Online Banking?
    UnionBank Business Online Banking is an internet banking service for small and medium sized business owners. It was developed in response to customer demand for access to their bank accounts via the internet.

    What services and functions does UnionBank Online Banking currently offer?
    UnionBank Business Online Banking provides the following :
    • Online Account Inquiry

    • Fund Transfers

    • Bills Payments

    • BusinessLine Inquiry

    • Alert Messages

    • Checkbook reorders

    • Statement request

    Are there any special hardware requirements necessary to use UnionBank Business online Banking?
    No. All that you need is a computer and an up-to-date browser that is capable of accessing the internet

    Is my online banking secure? has been evaluated and verified by my SecureSign, Inc as a secure website. All information sent via UnionBank Business Online Banking is encrypted and protected against disclosure to third parties.

    Who do I call for more information?
    You may call our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 84186 or you may visit any of our branches nationwide.

    Log-in FAQ’s

    Where do I get my User ID and my password?
    As part of the enrollment process, UnionBank will assign you a user ID and password . Both User ID and password will be sent to you either via e-mail or in a sealed envelope.

    Can I change my password?
    Yes you can. Infact, you will be prompted to change your password the first time you log-in to the system.

    You may also change your password anytime through the “Change Password” facility.

    Account Inquiry FAQ’s

    What accounts can be accessed through UnionBank Business Online Banking?
    You may access your UnionBank Peso, Dollar and third currency accounts, both Savings and Current.

    How far back can I review my transactions?
    You can see up to 90 days of history.

    For current accounts, three months history on a rolling basis is available online. This means you can view transactions history for the last three months up to the previous day from date of inquiry.

    For savings accounts, only months within the current quarter, when the inquiry is made, is available online.

    What if I needed transaction histories of more than 90 days?
    May we suggest that you regularly download your account history, either to your hard disk or a diskette. You may also print copies for your files / ready reference.

    Fund Transfer FAQ’s

    Who can I transfer funds to?
    You may transfer funds from your UnionBank account to a maximum of five other UnionBank accounts. Transfers are done in real-time.

    BusinessLine Inquiry FAQ’s

    Can I get online access to my BusinessLine loan?
    Yes, you can access your Businessline account through UnionBank Business online. This includes the ability to view balances and account history all in real time.

    Couldn’t find the answer to your question?
    Send us an e-mail and we’ll promptly respond to your inquiry.